Kylie and Kaitlin Collom, HHS 2015

What is more fun than golfing with your sister?  Golfing with your twin sister of course.  

This fall, we had the wonderful privilege of doing High School Senior portraits with the Collom Twins, Kylie and Kaitlin.  

Try as I might, I still cannot tell them apart. I know Mom and Dad have it figured out, but I feel sorry for your teachers... :)

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Kylie and Kaitlin Collom, Henley High School 2015

Kylie and Kaitlin Collom, Henley High School 2015


Thank you ladies for allowing us the opportunity to take your portraits.  Enjoy your senior year. 


October - Family Portrait Month

Leaves are changing, mornings dew will soon change to frost, football is going strong and family portraiture will be taking over a park near you. Can you believe it? It is October already.

October is one of the busiest months in photography.  High School Seniors need photos to meet yearbook deadlines and families want portraits with the golden hues of autumn foliage.  Even though this month will be busy for the studio, you can still secure your exclusive Senior or Family session for as little as $100.  We even offer free consultations to plan your heirloom quality portraiture. 

Space is limited this time of year, so do not wait until it is too late. Peak fall colors in the Klamath Basin are typically mid to late October.

Contact us today to get scheduled, 541.887.2290

October is Family Photography Month at Brian Gailey Photography.

Photography choices

At Brian Gailey Photography, we know there are many choices when it comes to your photography.  There are choices like; “what do I wear” or “what location should I shoot at.” But we also know there are bigger choices at hand too such as; “what photographer do I choose” or “Is price more important to me than quality.”

We take all those choices rather seriously. We help answer the, what do I wear question with a Pinterest board that has dozens of suggestions. We offer a free consultation before booking your session to learn just who you are. This way we photograph you in the correct location based on your personality and lifestyle.

When it comes to questions such as, what photographer do I choose; we suggest taking a look at the portfolio for the photographers you are interested in.  Does that portfolio showcase photography similar to what you want in your portraits? If so, keep them on the list of potential photographers.  If not, cross them off and move on to the next one.

Probably the biggest question in today’s economy would be, is price more important than quality.  Personally we feel that you should examine how much value the photographer provides for you.  This is best done by asking yourself, what do I want to do with the photos?  Do I want canvas portraits on the walls, or digital images to share with grandma on Facebook? Is a customized mobile application or a high definition video important?  Do I want an heirloom album or small prints for the office desk? Do I want a disc of images, if so what will I do with that disc?

Knowing what you want to do with the photography after the session will greatly determine what is valuable to you. 

If you are having trouble finding where to start, give us a call, send us an email, or come by the studio a visit, we would be happy to discuss photography options available to you. Even if they are not with our company. 

Until next time, stay focused