Avalon Salon & Spa, Klamath Falls, Oregon

Avalon Salon & Spa, Klamath Falls, Oregon | www.BrianGaieyPhotography.com

We have been working with Avalon Salon & Spa for several months on a Commercial Architectural Photography project.  This project has detailed the construction of their new location in the Town & Country Shopping Center.  

We were there the day the studs went up, we were there the day they hung the dry wall, and we were there the day when they opened for business.

We are taking these photos and putting them into a book, that tells the story of the construction process. (currently in production).  We have taken the final images and created a video showing what Avalon Salon & Spa has to offer. (https://vimeo.com/124260082)

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Spring Break 2015: Reno, Nevada

Downtown Reno, Nevada | www.BrianGaileyPhotography.com

This year for spring break we were able to get away for a few days, mid-week, and head down to Reno.  It was nice to get away from the busy studio and just relax with the family.  I will be honest, up until two nights before we left, we had no idea what the family was to do on spring break.  Then up pops a Facebook ad from Circus Circus...$29/night.  I thought, why not?

We had a great time, played the midway, although half of it was closed.  We visited Scheels and the Sparks Marina. We drove electric go carts at Need 2 Speed, and had a buffet dinner at the Peppermill (highly recommended). 

But what trip would not be complete without some of our famous night photography. The first night we were there, my wife and I put the kids down with a movie in the room and went out to get our cityscape.  The second night we all went out and enjoyed sunset together in the southwest hills of Reno. 

The night before we left for Reno, I did some research on good photography locations.  I would highly recommend this for anyone looking to do nighttime photography.  This way, you do not spend much of the night driving, or walking, from place to place.  Looking for something good to photograph.  

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RRT: Recycled Percussion 2015

Recycled Percussion at the Ross Ragland Theater 2015 | www.BrianGaileyPhotography.com

Last month we had the honor to sponsor another show at the Ross Ragland Theater. This time is was a group straight from Las Vegas, Recycled Percussion. 

They were wonderfully entertaining, with their unique instruments and captivating stage presence. 

We also were able to capture some behind the scenes video of the "Training Zoo" (https://vimeo.com/123851353)

While Recycled Percussion was in town they even stopped in at the Home Depot for an impromptu show.  I am not sure Home Depot knew what happened. (http://on.fb.me/1I55Ur5)

Posted by Recycled Percussion on Friday, March 20, 2015

Thanks for the great show guys.  Good luck with your new Vegas show!

9096 Old Fort Road, Klamath Falls, OR

9096 Old Fort Road, Klamath Falls | www.briangaileyphotography.com 

9096 Old Fort Road, Klamath Falls | www.briangaileyphotography.com 

Last week we wrapped up photos for a newly constructed home on Old Fort Road in Klamath Falls.  This is a beauty, custom built with many extras and several acres of land available too.  Multi-car garage, pond, shop and more.

Contact Ryan Weider at 541-541-891-4343 for more info.