How do profesional photos help sell a home?

Home photographed at Twilight in Klamath Falls - Brian Gailey Photography.

I am asked often "Why do I need professional photos to sell a home?" The answer is simple. Professional photography showcases your home (or listing) in the best way it can possibly look. It does not matter if the home is $40k or $4Million, professional photography sells homes quicker and for more money than those not professionally photographed.  Who does not want to sell faster and get more money for the home at closing?

Below is an article written by professional real estate photography Harry Lim of Harry Lim Photography.  (Read the original article HERE.) In this article Harry shows before and after photos of a home he photographed.  He states that the home was previously on the market for 8 months with poor photography.  After he photographed the home and the photos were uploaded, the home sold in 8 days.

I have had similar results right here in Klamath Falls. I have worked with a client that had a home north of Klamath Falls that was on the market for five years (yes, you read that right, 5 YEARS!!!) and after my professional photography they sold it in 3 weeks. Another agent had us photograph a home in Pine Grove and the day the photos went live on MLS they had 2 offers and accepted one of them the next day.  PROFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE PHOTOS MATTER.

When looking at the before/after images, a few of the things you should consider and expect in your real estate photography are;

  • Straight vertical walls - Walls in a home are straight up and down.  They should be in the photography too.
  • Properly exposed - An under exposed image can make a room look like a dark cave when it really is a bright airy space.
  • Soft shadows - Shadows from all lights should be soft and not hard and defined.  Look at a ceiling fan, can you see defined sharp edges on the ceiling or walls from the shadow of the fan?  Yes? That is a hard shadow.  No? That is a soft shadow.  Softer shadows are more inviting to a room. 
  • Proper color balance - White walls should be white, simple enough right?  What about a pumpkin colored room it should not look like mud.
  • Wide but not too wide - An image should tell the story of a room but not be so wide that the features of the room are small and unnoticeable.  
  • Wide angle distortion - A draw back to a wide angle lens is that things on the outside of the frame look larger than life and things in the center look miniature. A good photographer will minimize this effect and record the room close to what it really looks like.

After Nearly 8 Months, Photos Help Sell Home in 8 Days
Posted on March 12, 2015 by Harry Lim Photography

See this house? It languished on the Orlando market for 224 days.

It’s no wonder; with a photo like that who would want to come see it? A new realtor took over – one who understands the importance of professional photography for his listings. I shot it on February 28 and delivered the images the next day on March 1. On March 10 he told me a buyer had made an offer. So by my calculation, I believe the contract came in sometime between March 1 and March 9. To put it another way, after almost 8 months on the market, the home was under contract within 8 days after I took new photos.

Now I can’t say the photos alone sold the home; credit must be given to the Realtor. But I have no doubt the photos helped. Take a look at some before and after shots:

After Exterior - Harry Lim

After Exterior - Harry Lim

For the living room shot, my original composition was a little tighter. The realtor asked me to pull back a little to show the hallway. I took his suggestion and I liked it. It opens up the room and  gives you an idea of the space.

This is the second angle of the dining room. The first was a head on shot but this one shows you the foyer and room off to the left.

Isn’t it clear how having good images can attract more potential buyers? I am always amazed how most Realtors refuse to pay for professional photos. It’s something I’ll be writing about more in a future post.

Original Article:

5556 Sylvia, Klamath Falls, OR

5556 Sylvia, Klamath Falls, OR: Twilight - Brian Gailey Photography.

Last Thursday I photographed a great home in suburban Klamath Falls.  This place is large and at the end of a quiet dead end street.  To get the best light for the home we photographed it late in the afternoon.  However, with sun setting so early this time of year.  We ended up doing the final interior photographs after the sun went down.  This breaks one of my Real Estate Photography cardinal rules and is not something I normally do, but it worked for this home.

I prefer to photograph the interior images during daylight to showcase what is outside the windows.  At night, the windows get really dark and sometimes appear purple on camera. 

Nonetheless this is a great home for any family looking to spread out.  For more information on this home contact Tony Nunes of Coldwell Banker Holman Premier Realty at 541-840-0342.

Food Photography: Big Boy BBQ Klamath Falls, OR

Tri Tip Dinner, Big Boy BBQ - Brian Gailey Photography.

A few months ago I began talking to the Rob over at Big Boy BBQ, a food truck in Klamath Falls, about doing some photography of their family sized meals. Rob wanted something that appealed to consumers and would make them want to order and pick up the dishes on their way home from work. He wanted something country and somewhat rustic without looking too western. A few days ago we delivered the photography to the client and they could not have been happier. 

Together Rob and I came up with a small portable table set for the photography.  The set included a classic red and white checkered table cloth, brightly colored plates, simple glass bowls, and a weathered wood background. We also adored the table with two frosty beverages and a setting of silverware and napkin and of course some of his signature BBQ sauce. 

Since Big Boy BBQ is a food truck they do not have a dining room for us to set up in for the photography.  Fortunately they are located adjacent to the Hair Biz and the owner graciously allowed us to use her reception area as a photography studio. Rob also sweetened the deal by allowing her and her crew to have the food we photographed.

All in all the session went great, I pre-planned all the staging of the food including the frosted beer glass, glycerin water for the droplets, plates, set pieces, lighting, everything.

I am very pleased at the outcome of the images and so is the client.


Behind the Scenes Images

Big Boy BBQ, Klamath Falls

Big Boy BBQ, Klamath Falls


About Big Boy BBQ

(From the directory listing at

Smoked Slow, Served Fast and Friendly. Klamath's newest BBQ joint is located in Klamath Falls, Oregon across from the fairgrounds on South 6th Street. Pick up your delicious food at our truck and enjoy our BBQ wherever you choose. OR sit at one of our picnic tables and enjoy it on location. We can cater any type of event.... wedding, bachelor, bachelorette, birthday, anniversary, office lunches and/ or dinners, holiday parties..... you name it, we can cater it!

Our fan favorites include: The Crazy Pig, CBT, The Big Boy, Tater Nachos and Skinny Girl Salad.  See the full menu on our Facebook page.

Learn more about Big Boy BBQ:


5480 Liberty, Klamath Falls, OR

5480 Liberty, Klamath Falls, OR - Brian Gailey Photography

The Seattle Seahawks bachelor pad, is the only way I could describe this home.  The home is blue...very blue inside and trimmed blue outside.  I am not saying it is a bad thing.  However, if the new homeowners are not Seahawks fans, this home will need lots of paint. 

Nonetheless, this this is a great home with lots of potential for a family.  It is in a great neighborhood, has a great layout and is (other than the paint) move in ready. 

This home was a rather quick shoot, other than getting the white balance correct due to the blue walls, it went rather easy.  I do want to thank Becky for helping clean up some of the clutter as we went through the home.  Beckys help is what made this shoot easy. 

For more information on this property contact Tony Nunes of Coldwell Banker Holman Premier Realty at 541-840-0342.