RRT: Clifford the Big Red Dog

Clifford the Big Red Dog, Ross Ragland Theter - BrianGaileyPhotography.com

I sponsor many shows and events at the Ross Ragland Theater each year.  In the spring when the shows are announced to sponsors, I start to think about what I would want to sponsor. I first look for the shows that are family oriented. One of those shows that jumped out at me was Clifford. 

I am so happy I got to sponsor this show. Not because I got a new client from it, or the exposure I got from the show, but how happy my 6-year-old son was when he saw Clifford walk on to the stage for the first time.

Until next time, stay focused.

Congressman Walden and the TSA

Greg Walden, Klamath Falls - BrianGaileyPhotography.com

Being a board member of the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce has allowed me the opportunity to attend events and gatherings I would not normally have access to.  Last week was one of those occasions.

A long story short, the Klamath Falls / Crater Lake Regional Airport (LMT) had lost its passenger airline provider.  When this happened the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) pulled its resources out of Klamath County and many other smaller served airports.  Working hard for many months, local officials found a new airline that is willing to service the Basin.  Unfortunately, the TSA is not willing to come back to Klamath Falls.  U.S. Representative Greg Walden is working on a bill in Washington D.C. that will put a stop to the TSA not supporting smaller communities.

Mr. Walden held a press conference, with other local officials, to about 100 people inside the airport terminal of the Klamath Falls / Crater Lake Regional Airport to provide an update on the situation in Washington D.C. His update included what he has been working on and where congress stands on the situation.  Walden is confident in that he will be able to bring the TSA back to Klamath Falls and other small communities throughout the country.

I was invited by the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce to record the event through photography. 

I would like to thank Mr. Greg Walden and Chip Massie, Executive Director of the Chamber, for allowing me the opportunity to attend the press conference and capture the images needed for the Chamber.

Until next time, stay focused.

Cheers for St. Patrick’s Day

I will be honest; Saint Patrick’s Day was never a big holiday for me.  I am not a drinker nor do I tend to go out to bars much.  It is one of those occasions that I just stay home.  However, I recently got a call from Tim and he asked if we could do a themed shoot with his dog for some St Patrick’s Day cards.  I loved the idea and invited him in. 

Tim and his pup, Caleb, came into Gaucho for their session.  Because we had a pre-session consultation, I knew they would be dressing up for the shoot.  This way, I did not have to create a complex set.  I simply used a subtle background and added a green cast of light using a color gel.  This colored the background nicely without being distracting. I also knew he wanted to create a greeting card from the images and that I would use the card to add any extras I might need.

I was set up when they got here, so the session went quickly.  I was even able to create a proof of the card while they waited.

I am really happy with the results and so was Tim. I even got an email from Tim a few days ago with some feedback from one of the people he sent the card to. 

“I’ve received some nice compliments on the St. Pat’s card.  If fact, one of the judges in Klamath told me this morning, ‘That was the very best St. Patrick’s Day card I’ve ever received.’  So thanks again for your great work.  Tim.”

No… Thank you Tim for allowing me the opportunity to take care of your photography needs.  I had a great time.  You can also bring in Caleb any time you want to just visit.

Until next time, stay focused.

RRT: Charlie Brown

Local talent performing Charlie Brown, Ross Ragland Theater - BrianGaileyPhotography.com

This year’s local winter production at the Ross Ragland Theater was You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown. A small local cast of actors, musicians and staff came together to bring to life the comic mischief of Charlie Brown.  For a 2 week stretch the theater was taken over by Chuck, Snoopy, Linus, Lucy, Sally and Schroder.

They all did a fantastic job and I was happy to be a part of it.  I was able to do photography at some of the rehearsals and two of the shows.

I cannot wait to see what the Ragland has in store for the Summer production.

Until next time, stay focused.